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First Mod Post!

Hello oldsters and retrogeeks!

I'm very happy that I started this community. I'm in love with oldware, and I'm sure there's plenty of folks out there just like me. This community will be dedicated to the philosophy that newer doesn't always mean better. I think it has a chance to fly because, let's face it, all hardware and software becomes old, but that doesn't mean it isn't still useful! And if you're like me you aren't just nostalgic about the old games, you play them on a regular basis. I'd like to see posts about old software, tech help with old hardware and operating systems, questions about how to get old software running under emulators, game reviews, software reviews, posts related to old computers, and posts about your favorite old games. I want this place to be a safe haven for those who want to talk about oldware, so let's keep everything friendly and legal here, okay?

First item of business: I'd like suggestions to add to the interest list of the community. Keep in mind that I'd prefer not to list the names of specific old games or software; it's better to keep it more generic so that folks who are looking for a community like this are more likely to find what they are looking for. Old operating systems are okay though!

I'm also pleased to say that cat_irix will be joining me as co-mod of the comm. She's very smart and very nice, but I'll bet she has sharp claws so don't mess around with her! :P

I plan to make use of the tagging system and the Memories section for this community, so that people will be able to browse and find old entries. If anyone has other suggestions, please share!
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