Marianne E. B. Markham (phspopular2002) wrote in oldware,
Marianne E. B. Markham

Hey all. Another fan of the old has arrived. :)

My name is Marianne (Mari for short if you prefer) and I'm from someplace in Southern Maryland. Retro gaming is such sweet nostalgia to me.

As much as I enjoy the last generation console systems that are around my home, I enjoy the far older PC stuff too. And I have my two very old Nintendo systems (SNES and N64). It's only a matter of time until I get those games again from WiiWare once I get a Wii later.

It's nice to know that the interactive fiction gaming will never die. By the weekend I'll be trying out Inform 7, in which you can make text adventure games off of it. I found a sweet tutorial and printed it all out. I7 doesn't seem to be oh so complicated or elitist. It seems simple enough that it saves anybody the frustration of having to gain knowledge of the MS-DOS coding/scripting before even starting to write out an IF game.

Out of all the text games I've played and enjoyed that I can remember, there are two. Amnesia, in which is a tricky and somewhat humorous game (you start with little to nothing to wear, and the responses from the hotel personnel are amusing), and Sleuth, in which is like the game Clue, only no gameboard and you get the mansion and characters instead. In Personalized Sleuth, you enter the names, last name optional and not required. Good times I've had on Sleuth indeed. I hope to create something inspired off of either, or at least something entertaining and worthwhile!
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