Slyfoot (slyfoot) wrote in oldware,

Beneath Apple Manor, COLAP

Beneath Apple Manor is a fun little Roguelike game that was released for the Apple and the PC in the early 1980s. Don Worth, the creator of the game, has released it into the Public Domain! It can be downloaded from Don Worth's Homepage or from Home of the Underdogs. It works quite well with DOSBox.

However, unlike the picture I've posted here, the text and graphics are a dark gray. In order to get high contrast white on black, I have used a contrast utility for DOS called COLAP, which I have just spent about 25 minutes trying to find a download link for, and I finally gave up. If anyone knows where the link to download COLAP is, feel free to post it in a comment, because it's a highly useful utility for increasing the contrast of DOS applications.
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