Greg (orestes1066) wrote in oldware,

Old pc game

I've been researching a game I used to play on Windows 3.1 but could not find any answers. From what I recall it was point-and-click (I think) style with a purple and black general pattern to the scenes. It was a spooky game where you tried to find clues to some sort of mystery maybe. It was set in a house with a Victorian feel to it. The closest game that may have in fact inspired it was something called Mystery House. I know it was not this game because the screen-shots of that game look more primitive than the game I'm trying to remember. The Colonel's Bequest is another game that seems somewhat like it from my findings except that the game I remember seemed to have more paranormal elements than Colonel. Some details I can think of from the game in question include a scene outside near a shack or something with a creepy farmer/maintenance guy (holding a pitchfork?). There was a dining room and some kind of bedroom that had either a ghost of a woman or dead woman or something laying on a bed.
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