Slyfoot (slyfoot) wrote in oldware,

Welcome To Oldware!

The oldware community was created for the discussion of old hardware, software, operating systems, and games. It is not a "warez" community!!

Thanks to the proliferation of emulators, everything old is new again. Sooner or later all software becomes old, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is no longer useful! Old hardware and operating systems are still being used, and old applications are making a comeback. There is also a thriving culture of retrogamers who are discovering (or re-discovering) the thrill of old games which have been "abandoned" by their publishers, but not by their fans. Many people prefer the old to the new, and stubbornly refuse to give in to the notion that newer always means better. Sometimes old software is simply more efficient, less complicated, and a joy to use.

If you're only looking for a place to ask where to obtain illegal copies of commercial software, then go somewhere else. If you're a fan of old hardware, software, operating systems, or games, then this is the community for you.
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