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Okay I'm trying to find an old PC game, I don't know what it's called I remember playing it at The Boys & Girls Club when I was younger. You're a space ship, it's only going forward and you have obsticles and you can just go faster left or right, but you can't back up you can stop but that's about it. It's got a lot of different levels and it gets more and more difficult as the levels go on. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

Also, another game, you're this little white guy and you go up these levels, you can dig holes and the bad guys fall into them, the objective is to get to the exit, this also has alot of levels and gets more and more difficult as it goes on. Anyone know this one also?
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Hmmm the first one alls I can think of is Asteroids

The other I'm guessing sounds like Dig Dug

Here's a good site that has alot of the retro games..

Another couple of ancient games I remember are 'Adventure' and 'Wumpus'

Those are out there in Windows availability as well.

I Hope these help.
Thanks, I actually found out it's not Dig Dug it's Lode Runner.
The second one sounds just like Lode Runner to me, but I dunno!
Oh shit, you rock, that's it, I looked that up on google went to wiki and that's it!! >
No problem. It's a classic! There's even a screenshot of Championship Lode Runner on the Info Page. :D
Okay, it's been forever since I've played it, it'll be fun playing it again.
It is one of my favorite games. I can't go a week without playing it.
I've suddenly wanted to play the games I use too, all because the guys at work are getting me into World of Warcraft, lol.
Well welcome to oldware! I hope you'll put in a good word for us. I'm sure there's plenty of folks like us out there.
Of course, gotta love this com! :D
I found a game similiar to the first one, instead of outerspace and a spacecraft it's a jet and it's in the sky, it's called JETJUMPER.
Well cool! If you want to make a post about it go right ahead.
PS: If you're going to play it on a PC, look for LRSLOW.ZIP or LRSLOW. The original runs a bit too fast, so there is a tweaked version that will run fine on modern PCs. If you have trouble finding it, let me know and I'll find the link. I'm always willing to help out a Lode Runner lover.
Okay, cool, thankies.
If it isn't LodeRunner, I'll be a monkey's great-great-(times 3,000) grandson!

I remember running the classic one on a windows machine and it was too fast. I did a search and found some shareware versions of LodeRunner that are designed to run in windows:

"game dig holes fall levels" Search Results